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At Hair Wagon, its all about you. Sometimes, you need to escape the rat race. You seek space to relax and pamper yourself. We get that. Sometimes, you can’t waste time and need us to know what you want just as well as you do, if not better. We get that too. In this high-pressure world, you need to be on the top of your game. You need to look good. You need to feel good. That’s where we come in. From our experienced staff to the quality products we use, Scandal has been designed from the ground up with you in mind. In fact, we’ve been expecting you…

ServicesThe Greatest Pleasure

Recent studies reveal that haircutting and hairstyling were practiced in some form as early as the glacial age. The Egyptians were the first to nurture beauty in an extravagant fashion, and became well-versed in the art of makeup and hairdressing. The ancient Egyptians were also the first to use cosmetics as part of their personal beautification habits. The 19th century was the era of research and innovation that saw many changes in the field of hair care. In the 20th century, hairstyling began to follow trends, and soon became available to the masses that could then choose their styles based on their individual needs and desires.